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Windsurfing courses

They are organized every day of the week in any weather. Each lesson includes a theoretical and a practical part. Before the start of the courses, the starting level of each student is tested and on the basis of this verification the program and the group in which the student will be placed is established. During the course, any improvement of the student is also monitored, who can thus, following the results achieved, be moved to a course of a higher level. All courses are held in Italian and English. Our instructors are certified and with a long experience in the windsurfing field. The courses for beginners are organized on the splendid Grande beach in Calasetta, while the advanced courses are organized in our windsurf center in Sant'Antioco. 


Course  base

Location Grande Calasetta beach 

Basic course - Spiaggia Grande Basic course of 3 hours which includes (tack start, pace and practice).

Basic course of 5 hours which includes (tack start, bear away, luff, dynamic tack, jibe and gait).


Advanced course


The advanced courses are divided into three levels: 

First level (trapeze pace, glide entry, beach start and practice).

Second level (board trapeze without drift, glide, straps, glide with straps and water start). Third level (board trapeze without drift, glide trim, straps, water start and power jibe).

In many years of windsurfing in Sardinia Sa Barra is one of the favorite destinations of the most important windsurfers in the world. Many world-famous athletes came to visit and surf with us, appreciating the features and services we offer in our spot. The constant wind and flat water make this spot unique, suitable for windsurfing  freeride, slalom, freestyle  but also for beginners who want to learn from the basics. Our expert team will accompany you throughout your sporting journey, making you love the sea and this beautiful sport in contact with nature.

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