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Kitesurfing courses

Thanks to a spot with shallow water and flat water, constant wind and enviable temperatures, the Windsurfing Club Sa Barra now offers another service for its frequenting members. It will in fact be possible to learn Kitesurfing.

Sport of great interest to the general public, in demand all over the world, now, thanks to the first school located on the island of Sant'Antioco, it will be possible to learn in. All safety and with IKO certified instructors.

South-west Sardinia, now under the eyes of the general public for the practice of sports that promote eco-sustainable and active tourism, is the ideal setting for sailing sports. Already very famous for windsurfing and surfing, now on the famous Santa Caterina lagoon it will be possible to fly with Kitesurf.


Course  base

Location Sa Barra Sant'Antioco

The courses are for all levels. From beginner to advanced eager to learn the latest freestyle tricks.

The spot offers perfect marine weather conditions for learning. Beginners can try their hand in an area dedicated to them, while independent kiters can glide freely.


Advanced course

Location Sa Barra Sant'Antioco

The advanced courses are organized with professional instructors who will teach you the main techniques to start navigating safely, approach to the first jumps and the first maneuvers in the air. All this always in total safety, you will be monitored thanks to the use of latest generation radio helmets and navigation support boats.

Info e prenotazioni

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