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Sa Barra Brazil

For many years now the beautiful Praia do Maceio beach north of Camocin welcomes us with its suggestive scenery of palm trees and dunes. For three months it will be our home and beyond. The Windsurfing Club Sa Barra, in fact, has a branch in that magical corner of Brazil. Here as in Sardinia it is possible to windsurf in the company of Rossel Bertoldo and Gigi Madeddu. From this season the centrowindsurf has excellent quality material for hire, ideal for traveling without the classic big bag loaded with equipment. It is also possible to take lessons for all levels, make targeted clinics to improve your skills and take advantage of the storage services, board repairs, shop service and everything you need for a sport and relaxation holiday. The center is located directly on the beach at the best point for windsurfing. Beside it there is an excellent restaurant: the Kite Zen. The surprise this year was the many days spent playing with the waves from the early hours of the morning. When there is high tide and light wind, it is in fact possible to have easy and fun sessions with wave surfing. Boardshorts and boards, a true essence of traveling to the beach in contact with nature. Many riders have chosen this beautiful spot to spend the winter. If you are looking for a place to relax, travel in peace and enjoy the guaranteed wind, Praia do Maceiò is absolutely the place that meets these criteria. The simplicity of the few fishermen who live here makes this habitat a place where you can still savor the cheerful Brazilian culture and admire the wonderful play of colors created by nature.

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